Goal 4: Align the College’s curriculum, activities, and operations with the goal of sustainability

Sustainability science and elements of sustainability can be integrated into all aspects of academic programming at Unity College. A broad approach to teaching sustainability will make us unique among all institutions of higher learning in the United States. More importantly, it will prepare our students to be leaders in responding to environmental and sustainability crises of this century. Implementing sustainability programming into the Unity College curriculum and all aspects of operations is the foundation for the success of our graduates.

Operational sustainability goes hand-in-hand with curricular sustainability. Indeed, it is inconsistent that non-sustainable operational actions can be implemented on a campus striving to make a national name for itself in sustainability. Moreover, operational sustainability is fundamental to fiscal sustainability as highlighted in this document. Indeed, the axiom that “wealth isn’t defined by how much you earn [i.e. revenue] but rather how much you spend [i.e. operational fixed costs]” is apropos to Unity College with its modest endowment. Energy costs must be reduced, with a long-term goal of eliminating them. Most importantly, Unity College can model for the nation and the world that an effective energy policy will decrease costs while reducing carbon emissions, a point that seems to have been largely missed by policy makers and the environmental community that continues to focus on a carbon policy.


Objectives of Goal 4:

Objective 1: Develop a fully staffed office of sustainability with expertise capable of advancing sustainability in all aspects of College programming and operations.

Objective 2: Inculcate all aspects of institutional planning with comprehensive sustainability guidelines.

Objective 3: Infuse sustainability across the curriculum.

Objective 4: Advance the cause of sustainability to faculty, staff, students, prospective students, and external audiences.

Objective 5: Create a fully sustainable campus landscape, including achieving a zero carbon footprint.